Research and Development Supervisor

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- Incharge from the beginning untill the end of the product development
- Explore new material, construction, and mechanism,
- Able to produce report documents, technical drawings and 3D Renderings for development uses
- Able to produce and commit time schedule for developments
- Able to design or to make new innovation that benefits company
- Control budget product development
- Responsible for the implementation of the exhibition /event organized by vivere group
- Willing to visist factories in Jakarta or outer Jakarta
- S1 Product Design or Interior Design
- Mampu menggunakan Aplikasi 3D diantaranya CAD atau Solidworks
- Memiliki pengetahuan terhadap material untuk furniture dan non furniture
- Memiliki kemampuan konstruksi, proses kayu, proses metal dan proses rotan manufaktur
- Memiliki kemampuan membuat konsep dan design
- Pengalaman Designer/RnD Staff 1-2 tahun
- Jujur
- Memiliki Kemampuan Analisa yang baik dan Detail

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