Supply Chain Management Division Head

General Manager
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Key responsibilities

  • Establishing direction, selecting and approving strategies to achieve sustainable financial results. The role is also required to contribute to the Vivere's business strategy in the area of Supply Chain Management

  • To lead the development and implementation of Customer Services & Supply Chain components, managing relationships with key customers and key suppliers

  • Responsible in directing the whole process starting from order generation to fulfillment, which include forecasting, capacity planning & material handling, order management, inventory control & management and dispatching & distribution of finished products to projects or customers in an accurate, cost-effective, and timely manner. .

  • To lead the development, implementation of Customer Services & Supply Chain components and provide sound team leadership to achieve results in a full value supply chain design process through the activities of the direct reports and maintaining a very effective relationship across the businesses and customer base.

  • Manages the operating and order processing activities of a Logistics Center at the lowest feasible cost while meeting Company cycle time/order replenishment objectives and providing an acceptable return on Company investments.

  • Provides leadership in planning for the receipt, storage and physical control of product or merchandise at cost.

  • Ensures quality of service provided by the operating areas in terms of expense, service, accuracy, asset protection, and safety; redirects efforts accordingly.

  • Manages and coordinates Company training programs for all operational exempt and non-exempt Associates as necessary to support Logistics Center objectives.

  • Integrates the objectives and efforts of operations with those of Data Processing and all support departments to ensure overall efficiency within the Logistics Center and adherence to Company policy and procedures. 


  • Min. 10 years experience in Logistics and/or Supply Chain Management particularly in Manufacturing environment

  • Inventory, Distribution, Warehouse and Customer Service Relationship management

  • Ability to analyze trends and identify opportunities for improvement

  • Strong communication and problem solving skills.

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